Adding a Hole Cutting Component to Your SketchUp Model - dummies

Adding a Hole Cutting Component to Your SketchUp Model

By Aidan Chopra

As long as you’re making an exterior model, you can use some of the doors and windows stored online on SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse. These are components. Without going into a ton of detail, here’s what you need to know about them:

  • Components are accessible from the Components dialog box. Choose Window→Components to open the dialog box and then choose the Architecture collection from the Navigation drop-down list (it looks like an upside-down triangle). The Doors, Windows, and DC Doors and Windows collections are in there somewhere.

    Components that can cut their own openings generally contain gluing or cutting in their descriptions. Keep in mind that you need to be online to access the 3D Warehouse.

  • You can find hundreds more online. If you’re connected to the Internet, you can type any search query (such as revolving door) into the little search area at the top of the Components dialog box. This scours the 3D Warehouse for whatever you’re looking for and shows the results below.

    Some advice: The 3D Warehouse holds so much stuff that making your query specific helps you sort through the results.

  • Components are editable. If you don’t like something about a component you find online, you can change it.

  • Some components are dynamic. Dynamic Components have special capabilities that make them easier to resize and otherwise reconfigure.

  • When components cut their own openings, the openings aren’t permanent. When you move or delete a hole-cutting door or window component you’ve placed in a model, the opening goes with the component.

Follow these steps to add a hole-cutting component to your model.


  1. In the Components dialog box, click the component that you want to place in your model.

  2. Place the component where you want it to be.

  3. If you don’t like where your component is, use the Move tool to reposition your component.

The figure shows a simple building to which a door and a couple window components have been added. Notice how guides are used to line up things. Guides are the best way to ensure that everything’s in the right spot.