5 Free SketchUp Online Resources - dummies

5 Free SketchUp Online Resources

By Aidan Chopra

What follows are five complimentary sources of SketchUp help. All of these resources require that you have an Internet connection, so make sure that your computer is online before you try any of these.

  • SketchUp training resources: SketchUp publishes first-rate materials right on its website:

    • Video tutorials: When SketchUp first launched in 2000, it became known for its excellent video tutorials. There’s nothing like seeing SketchUp in action.

    • Self-paced tutorials: These are SketchUp files that use scenes to teach different aspects of the program in a “follow along with me” style. If this is how you like to figure things out, have a look.

    • Online Knowledge Center: The SketchUp Knowledge Center includes hundreds of articles in question-and-answer format, created specifically to help new users along. The easiest way to get to the SketchUp Knowledge Center is to choose Help→Knowledge Center from the SketchUp menu bar.

  • SketchUcation: Home of the SketchUp Community Forums, this is easily the largest and most active group of SketchUp users in the world. You find discussions, tutorials, plugins, news, and piles of other good stuff at SketchUcation.

  • SketchUp School videos: This is a terrific YouTube channel. The free videos are first rate, and you can buy a subscription to watch over a hundred more on SketchUp School’s website.

  • MasterSketchUp.com: Matt Donley has put together a very nice site dedicated to helpful tips and tricks, videos, and other tutorials. He also just self-published a book about LayOut.

  • The SketchUp blog: Visit the SketchUp blog regularly for news, case studies, tips and tricks, modeler profiles, plugins, and other updates.