How to Test the Network Connection on Your Xbox One - dummies

How to Test the Network Connection on Your Xbox One

By Ciprian Rusen

Xbox One uses your Internet connection to do all kinds of things, even when you are not playing games. It will use it to check for updates, to display content, to log in to Skype and many other activities.

When you play multiplayer games, it is critical that your Internet connection works well and that no ports are blocked by your network’s router. Here’s how to test whether your Internet connection works well, whether you will be able to play multiplayer games and how fast your connection actually is.

Find Xbox’s network connection testing tools

Xbox One has centralized all networking related tasks and tools in one panel so that you can find them easily. Here’s how to access them:

  1. Turn on Xbox One and sign in. Then go to Settings.

  2. Here you will find lots of categories of settings. Select Network.


  3. The Network Settings screen is displayed. In the middle you will see the current network status: whether you are connected to the network and what kind of connection you are using.


Test whether your network & multiplayer connection works well

Once you are connected to the network, you can test whether Xbox One can access the Internet and whether you can play multiplayer games or not:

  1. In the Network Settings screen, select Test network connection.


  2. Xbox One tries to connect to the Internet. If the connection is successful, Xbox One lets you know.


  3. Select Continue and then Test multiplayer connection to test whether you will be able to play multiplayer games without connection issues generated by ports being blocked and so on.


  4. Xbox One tests your connection and then displays a summary of its findings. If all is well, select Continue.

If Xbox One detects problems during any of the tests you make, follow its recommendations in order to fix your problems.

See how well your Internet connection works on the Xbox One

The previous sections went through how to check your Xbox One’s connection to the Internet and its multiplayer servers — but they don’t tell you how fast or how slow your connection is. Luckily, Microsoft has provided a test that displays useful statistics like the download and upload speed, your average packet loss (this is a critical metric for playing multiplayer games online, without problems) and the latency of your connection (another important metric when playing multiplayer games online). Here’s how to measure how well your Internet connection works:

  1. In the Network Settings screen, select Detailed network statistics.


  2. Wait for Xbox One to test your connection.

    When done, your Xbox displays all the statistics it measured.


  3. If you see problems, hit the Back button and try to fix them.

Problems may be generated by Internet connections that are slow or unreliable or by a misconfigured router. If you experience a big percentage of packet losses or slow download speeds, see if the Quality of Service (QoS) is enabled and configured correctly on your router, so that it prioritizes the network traffic in a better way. If you don’t know how to fix your issues, write down the results of this test and talk with your Internet service provider (ISP). They should be able to help you out.