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How to Make Space on Your Portable Media Player

What do you do when your portable media player runs out of space? You may never reach the outer limits of your media player if you have a huge hard drive and rip your music at the default settings of your chosen software (like iTunes or Windows Media Player). If you do try to cram as much as possible on (or insist on lossless or high-resolution mp3 files and the like), though, you might find that there’s just not enough space.

If your player runs out of space, there are a few solutions you can follow — you may not be able to get all of the music on there, but you can determine exactly what goes on the players and satisfy your listening habits until you get a bigger player.

  • Set up a smart playlist in iTunes, an auto playlist in Windows Media Player, or something similar in your chosen player. For example, you can set a playlist in your iTunes to include all files ripped after a certain date, just so you can listen to the newer music you’ve put in your player.


  • Set your player for manual operation. You can drag and drop your files from player to computer, which is the most precise way to determine your player’s content. It can be a bit tedious, though.

  • Use a random function, like Autofill in iTunes, to put an unpredictable selection of music on your player. Surprise yourself.