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Electronics Safety Lesson: Stay Safe by Staying Dry

By Doug Lowe

Electronics technology is built upon the science of electricity. So whenever you are working with electronic circuits, remember that you are working with electricity and you must be sure to take every precaution you can to avoid being the recipient of a shock strong enough to do damage. Water and electricity are a very bad combination, because water is an excellent conductor of electricity, and it flows everywhere.

Strictly speaking, pure uncontaminated water is actually an insulator. But pure water is very rare. Most water is filled with contaminates, and those contaminates turn the water into an excellent conductor. Thus, it’s true that you should avoid water when working with electrical current. Here are a few tips for staying safe by staying dry:

  • Make sure the floor is dry. Don’t work on electronic or electrical devices in an area where the floor is wet.

  • Beware of high humidity, especially if it condenses into moisture on your projects.

  • Dry your hands before working with electrical current. Even a small amount of sweat on your hands can lower your body’s natural resistance and accentuate the danger of electrical shocks from lower voltages.