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Electronics Components: Popular Op Amp Integrated Circuits

By Doug Lowe

When you get around to building an actual electronic circuit using an op-amp, of course, you’ll need to use a real op amp. Fortunately, op-amp integrated circuits (ICs) are plentiful, and nearly all stores that sell electronic components sell several types of inexpensive op-amp ICs.

The most popular op-amp IC is the LM741, which comes in a standard eight-pin DIP package. Here are the pin connections for an LM741 op amp.


You can also get integrated circuits that contain two or more op amps in a single package. One of the most common is the LM324 quad op amp, which contains four op amps in a single 14-pin DIP package. Unlike the LM741, the LM324 uses single power supply op amps. Thus, instead of a split + and – voltage supply, you provide just a positive voltage power supply and a ground.

This shows the pinouts for an LM324. As you can see, the first op amp is accessed via pins 1–3, the second via pins 5–7, the third via pins 8–10, and the fourth via pins 12–14. The positive voltage power supply is connected to pin 4, and pin 11 is connected to ground.