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How to Install iLife ’11 Applications

By Tony Bove

All Mac computers come with the iLife applications preinstalled. But if something nasty happens to your hard drive and you need to reinstall them, or if you have older versions of the iLife applications and you want to replace them with the newest versions, you can purchase the iLife package directly from the Apple Store (either online or in the building).

The single-user version of the entire iLife ’11 package is $49, and the family pack is $79. The family pack lets you install one copy of the iLife ’11 applications on a maximum of five Apple computers at a time, as long as those computers are located in the same household.

The iLife ’11 package offers a DVD with the iLife Installer. The package also includes iPhoto ’11, iMovie ’11, GarageBand ’11, iWeb, and iDVD, along with printed and electronic documentation. The Installer replaces older versions of these applications on the hard drive on which you choose to install. The following steps walk you through the installation:

  1. Slip the DVD into your Mac’s SuperDrive, read the introduction, and click Continue.

    The installer displays more information about the latest release; you can click Print to print this information, Save to save it on your hard drive, Go Back to go back to the introduction, or Continue to continue.

  2. Click Continue and the software licensing agreement appears. Click Agree to go on with the installation.

    The installer then displays a dialog that you use to select a destination hard drive for the iLife applications. Your hard drives appear as icons along the top. (Only one appears if you have only one drive.)

    Select a destination drive for the iLife applications.
    Select a destination drive for the iLife applications.
  3. Select a hard drive and click Continue.

    The Installer displays both the Install and Customize buttons for the standard and custom installations.

  4. Click Install to perform the standard install; if you want to install only some of the iLife applications, click Customize, select which applications to install, and then click Install.

    After installing the applications, the Installer opens the Apple registration screen.

  5. Register your iLife applications to get the full benefit of Apple support.