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Knowing What to Expect on the Windows 2000 Server Exam

The Windows 2000 Server exam, like all other Windows 2000 exams, uses a number of different testing technologies to test your skills. You may see any and all of the following testing technologies on the Windows 2000 Server exam:

  • Standard question and answer (Q&A): Microsoft certification exams may contain standard multiple-choice questions in which you read a question stem and then choose the best answer(s) from a provided list. Standard Q&A questions may be simple questions, questions with multiple answers, or even complex scenario questions.
  • Adaptive technologies: Some Microsoft exams contain adaptive technologies. Adaptive exams begin with an easy question, and then increasingly become more difficult as you answer questions correctly. If you do not answer questions correctly, the exam offers easier questions. The exam continues only long enough for the computer to determine whether your skill levels pass or fail. Therefore, an adaptive exam does not have a certain question count. Typically, these exams are fairly short, with some giving you only 15 questions before determining your score.
  • Select-and-place: Microsoft is using a new exam technology called select-and-place. The select-and-place questions test your ability to synthesize information and develop a solution to a problem. Typically, these questions present you with a scenario, and then a graphical interface provides a simulation in which you configure the solution by dragging and dropping appropriate answers and data. These questions gather information about your overall knowledge of configuration and troubleshooting — and they can be quite difficult.
  • Case study: Some Microsoft exams include a new case-study question format. You read a case and then make decisions or recommendations based on the case details. As you can imagine, the case-study questions test your ability to pull information together and make logical decisions. Like the select-and-place questions, these exam questions can be quite difficult.
  • Simulations: Microsoft exams include simulations, which typically present a portion of the operating system interface and ask you how to configure some item. These simulation questions are designed to test your hands-on knowledge of the operating system and how to configure it for various tasks.

You can download samples of these testing technologies from Microsoft so you can see how they work. These downloads can make a critical difference in your exam experience. Review the downloads carefully before taking the exam; no need for surprises on exam day!