AutoCAD 2017 Drawing Setup Roadmap

By Bill Fane

Part of AutoCAD For Dummies Cheat Sheet

AutoCAD 2017’s drawing setup can seem complicated at first. This table lists the fundamental setup commands you should use to set up your drawings, what they do, and various ways to find them.

Ribbon or Application Menu Command / Keyboard Description Your Action
Model Space
Step 1: Application menu→New Drawing NEW / Ctrl+N Opens the Select Template file dialog box Choose imperial (acad.dwt) or metric (adadiso.dwt).
Step 2: Quick Access toolbar→Save QSAVE / Ctrl+S Opens the Save Drawing As file dialog box Specify a suitable name.
Step 3: Application menu→Drawing Utilities→Units UNITS / UN Opens the Drawing Units dialog box Specify suitable settings
Step 4: Right-click the status bar icon for Snap, Grid, Object Snap, Polar, or Object Snap Tracking DSETTINGS / DS Opens the Drafting Settings dialog box Click each dialog box tab to specify suitable settings for Snap, Grid, and so on.
Step 5: View tab→Palettes tab→Properties LTSCALE / LTS Opens the Properties palette Specify a suitable linetype scale.
Step 6: Annotate panel→Dimension tab→Flyout DIMSTYLE / DIMSTY Opens the Dimension Style Manager dialog box Specify suitable values for dimensions.
Step 7: Annotate panel→Text tab→Flyout STYLE / ST Opens the Text Style dialog box Specify suitable values for text parameters.
Step 8: Application menu→Drawing Utilities→Drawing Properties DWGPROPS / DWG Opens the Drawing Properties dialog box Enter appropriate values.
Paper Space Layouts
Step 9: Right-click each Layout tab→Page Setup PAGESETUPMANAGER / PAGE Opens the Page Setup Manager dialog box Enter suitable values for paper size, plotter configuration, and so on.
Model Space      
Step 10: Quick Access toolbar→Save QSAVE / Ctrl+S Opens the Save Drawing As file dialog box Switch File of Type to Template and specify a suitable name.

After you complete the preceding steps, you’ll never need to repeat this sequence again for this particular setup. Simply start new files from the template you saved in Step 10 and you are good to go.