Add Vector Text for a Collage Title in Scratch - dummies

Add Vector Text for a Collage Title in Scratch

By Derek Breen

If you’d like to add a text title to a collage in Scratch, you’re best bet is to use vector text — create a new sprite using the Vector Text tool.

  1. Click Paint New Sprite.

  2. Click the Costumes tab.

  3. Click the Convert to Vector button.

  4. Click the Text tool.

  5. Select a font. (The example uses Helvetica for the title.)

  6. Choose your color swatch. (Go with yellow because it shows up well against a dark background.)

  7. Click near the left edge of the Paint canvas and type a title for your collage. (You can edit the title later since it’s a vector sprite!)

  8. If you need to resize your text, click the Select tool, hold the Shift key (to resize evenly), and then click and drag any corner.


You may need to drag your text sprite into position on the Stage and then adjust it again on the Paint canvas. You might have to go back and forth until it’s just right. In this example, the title is positioned near the bottom so as not to obstruct Anne’s face or the writing on the star.

It can be hard to choose a text color when there is a mix of light and dark colors in the background. You can solve this problem by placing a contrasting rectangle behind your text (dark rectangle with light-colored text or light-colored rectangle with dark text).

  1. Select the sprite that contains your title and click the Costumes tab.

  2. Click the Rectangle tool.

  3. Choose the Outline option.

  4. Click a color swatch that contrasts your text color.

  5. Click outside the top left of the text and drag past the lower-right corner to completely contain the text.

  6. Click the Color a Shape tool and click inside the rectangle to fill it in.

  7. Click the Select tool and click the rectangle to select it.

  8. Click the Back a Layer button.