5 Quick Scratch Scenery Improvements - dummies

5 Quick Scratch Scenery Improvements

By Derek Breen

Every animation, whether it’s created in Scratch or not, takes place somewhere, from a family basement to the far reaches of outer space, from South America to South Park, Colorado. Here are a few tips to enhance your scenes:

  • Use reference photographs: You can use the web or your own camera to grab interior and exterior images. If you want to trace over them, be sure to convert to Vector Mode after you import your photo as a sprite or backdrop.

  • Apply more gradients: Gradients are not just for sky, ground, and road. Try horizontal, vertical, and radial gradients on trees, buildings, or your favorite breakfast cereal. Radial gradients work best on circular objects, and horizontal and vertical gradients work better inside rectangular shapes.

  • Add shadows: Think about how you might duplicate a sprite, fill it with a dark gray color, and reshape it. Be warned: After you put a shadow on one object, you have to put one on all the other objects or your scene may look incomplete.

  • Consider the weather: Is it a cloudy day? Rainy? Or BRAINY?!

  • Consider the time: Especially for exterior scenes, it is important to choose whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening.