5 Quick Scratch Character Improvements - dummies

5 Quick Scratch Character Improvements

By Derek Breen

Some folks get carried away modifying their characters in Scratch. If you simply MUST spend a bit more time working on your characters, here are some tips that might help.

  • Compare to other animation characters: Spend a few minutes reviewing a few of your favorite characters from animated films or shows with a critical eye. What details help distinguish one character from another?

  • Add texture: Bring your design skills to clothing by adding patterns, shapes, and texture. A few wavy lines can also make for a better hairstyle.

  • Add shading: Add subtle shading with the Vector Mode’s Paint Editor.

  • Add a more striking pose: Rather than just having your characters stand around, experiment with more dramatic poses, which helps you express their personalities.

  • Add drama: Choose a specific scene from the story you have in mind and adjust the characters’ poses and expressions to match the tone/mood you wish to express.