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Flip Video For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Flip Video For Dummies

By Joe Hutsko, Drew Davidson

Your Flip Video camcorder could be the easiest-to-use camcorder in the world. With the Flip Video, you point, shoot, and then copy your videos to your computer. A few clicks later, you’re showing off your creations on Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. Find out how to shoot video painlessly by demystifying your Flip’s buttons; figuring out keyboard shortcuts to use in FlipShare (the video-editing software that comes with your Flip); and discovering sites where you can share your movies and your Flip love.

Pushing Your Flip Video Camera’s Buttons

Your Flip camcorder has some basic buttons to get to know.+ Here’s a roadmap to the buttons common to all recent and new Flip camcorders, and what those buttons do when you push them this way or that way, depending on what you’re doing with your Flip.

  • Power: Press to turn on your camcorder. Press and hold a few seconds to turn off your camera.

  • Record: Press to start or stop recording video.

  • Play/Pause: Press to play a selected video, or press and hold to play all the videos saved on your Flip. Press while watching a video to pause the video.

  • Up (+) and Down (–): When recording video, press Up to zoom in, or press Down to zoom out. While watching a video, press Up or Down to increase or decrease the playback volume, respectively.

  • Delete: Press to display the delete screen to delete a single video or all videos saved on your Flip camera. Press and hold to activate or deactivate the Delete Lock feature.

  • Left and Right: Press left to go backward to a saved video, and press Right to go skip to the next saved video. Pressing and holding either button quickly advances you forward or backward through all your saved videos. When watching a video, press and hold Left or Right to rewind or fast forward, respectively; let go to resume watching your video.

FlipShare Keyboard Shortcuts

After you shoot video with your Flip camcorder, you’ll probably want to edit those videos, which you can do quite easily in the FlipShare software that comes with your Flip camcorder. You can use your mouse to select video clips and photos, navigate menus, and issue commands in the FlipShare interface, but you can do all that a lot faster if you use keyboard shortcuts.

Here are some highlights of the keyboard shortcuts to use in the FlipShare program (for the Mac and Windows PC versions of FlipShare):

Shortcut Name Windows keystrokes Mac keystrokes
New Folder Ctrl+N Command+N
Save videos to Camcorder Ctrl+S Command+S
Exit Alt+F4 Command+Q
Select All Ctrl+A Command+A
Delete Del Backspace
Copy Ctrl+C Command+C
Paste Ctrl+V Command+V
Share via E-mail Ctrl+E Command+E
Share via Greeting Card Ctrl+G Command+G
Share via Website Ctrl+O Command+O
Create Movie Ctrl+M Command+M
Create Snapshot Ctrl+T Command+T
Create DVD Ctrl+D Command+D
Play/Pause video Spacebar Spacebar
Step Forward Ctrl+Right Arrow Command+Right Arrow
Step Backward Ctrl+Left Arrow Command+Left Arrow
Go to Beginning Ctrl+Alt+Left Command+Option+Left Arrow
Go to End Ctrl+Alt+Right Command+Option+Right Arrow
Volume Up Alt+Up Option+Up
Volume Down Alt+Down Option+Down
Mute Ctrl+Alt+Down Command+Option+Down
View Help F1 Option+F1
Preferences N/A Command+Comma

The Flip Video Social Networking Register

Can’t get enough of your Flip Video? Then get more Flip love by visiting the Flip Community. The Flip Community Web page acts as a virtual portal to jettison you to the latest virtual Flip Video happenings and includes links to Flip-centric Web pages on other sites, including MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter:

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