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Photoshop CS All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Photoshop CS is a wonderful tool to use for adding to, subtracting from, filtering, rearranging, and generally playing with digital images. With the help of the Photoshop toolbox and palettes, you can be as artistic as you like, and knowing how to select what you want and get around the software is useful info.

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Photoshop CS Toolbox

The Photoshop CS toolbox is jam-packed with handy tools to help you manipulate and maneuver through digital images. You’re thinking that it may be helpful to have some keyboard shortcuts to some of those tools? Well, your wish is Photoshop’s command; behold these handy keyboard shortcuts you can use to reach the Photoshop tool you want:


Photoshop CS Painting and Editing Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you use a PC or a Mac with Photoshop CS, a keystroke or two can change the size of your brush, how opaque your tool is, and even paint a line. The following table shows painting commands for both systems.

Action PC Mac
Increase brush size ] ]
Decrease brush size [ [
Change opacity of tool in 10% increments 1, . . ., 9, 0 1, . . ., 9, 0
Paint or edit in straight lines Click, Shift+click Click, Shift+click
Erase to History Alt+drag Option+drag

Photoshop CS Palette Shortcuts

Palettes are important in Photoshop CS. Palettes give you access to brushes, colors, and layers, as well as info and actions. The following table shows you how to access a palette: Just find the one you want and then check under the column for the type of system you use — PC or Mac — for the shortcut that opens the palette for you

Palette PC Mac
Brushes F5 F5
Color F6 F6
Layers F7 F7
Info F8 F8
Actions F9 Option + F9

Photoshop CS Selection Tricks

You often don’t want to edit an entire image in Photoshop CS, but instead just want to select and change a specific part. Photoshop CS offers a whole range of shortcuts to that let you select and edit only those pixels that you want, whether you use a Mac or a PC, as shown in the table below.


Photoshop CS Navigation Tricks

Navigating through your photos with Photoshop CS is a breeze. You can zoom in and out and change the window size at the same time, and, if you use a Mac, you can toggle between the Photoshop window and other open windows. The following table shows you how to zoom through Photoshop CS.