Your Canon EOS 6D Post-Shoot Checklist

By Doug Sahlin

Part of Canon EOS 6D For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you grab your camera bag and go out for a photo shoot, always have the camera at its default settings, a formatted memory card, and a battery that is capable of capturing a few hundred images. The best time to make sure your camera is ready for the next photo shoot is after you finish the previous one. After you finish a photo shoot, follow these steps to make sure your camera is ready for the next photo shoot:

  1. Remove the memory card from the camera and download the images to your computer.

  2. Back up your image files to an external hard drive.

  3. Reformat the card. Always reformat the card in the camera.

  4. Check the life of the battery. If the battery has less than 30 percent of its charge remaining, recharge the battery.

  5. Set ISO to 100.

  6. Set Exposure compensation to 0.

  7. Make sure the camera-metering mode is set to Evaluative.

  8. Clean any debris off the camera body. This is especially important if you’ve been shooting at the beach on a windy day.

  9. Clean the lenses you used.

  10. Put everything back in your camera bag or camera case.