Use Creative Auto Settings on Canon Rebel T3 Series Cameras - dummies

Use Creative Auto Settings on Canon Rebel T3 Series Cameras

By Julie Adair King

When you use the scene modes on your Canon EOS Rebel T3 or T3i, the camera selects settings that render your subject using the traditional “look” for the scene. Creative Auto mode enables you to take a bit more control. As its name implies, this mode is still mostly automatic, but if you check the monitor after taking a shot and don’t like the results, you can make the following adjustments for your next shot:

  • Enable or disable the flash.

  • Adjust color, sharpness, contrast, and exposure through the Shoot by Ambience option.

  • Soften or sharpen the apparent focus of the picture background.

  • With the T3, change the Drive Mode.

What about the Shoot by Lighting or Scene Type option that’s available in the scene modes? Sorry, that dog won’t hunt in Creative Auto mode. But remember that using that option typically isn’t necessary: It’s designed to fix white-balancing issues, and in Creative Auto mode, the camera uses automatic white balancing, which works well for the majority of shooting situations.

Here’s how to use Creative Auto mode:

  1. Set the Mode dial on top of the camera to the CA setting.

    The Creative Auto version of the Shooting Settings screen appears on the monitor. (If you don’t see the screen, press the Disp button or press the shutter button halfway and then release it.)


  2. To adjust the Drive Mode, Flash, and Shoot by Ambience settings, press the Quick Control button.

    One of the settings becomes highlighted, and a text label appears at the bottom of the screen to remind you what the highlighted setting does.


  3. Use the cross keys to move the highlight over the setting you want to adjust.

  4. Adjust the highlighted setting.

    For the Drive and Flash options, you can’t simply rotate the Main dial to adjust the setting. Instead, press Set to access a screen containing the settings. Select your choice and press Set again to return to the Quick Control screen.

  5. After selecting all the options you want to use, exit the Quick Control screen by pressing the shutter button halfway and releasing. (Or press the Quick Control button again.)

    The monitor returns to the normal Shooting Settings display.

  6. To adjust the Quality setting, use Shooting Menu 1.

    You can’t change that setting via the Quick Control screen in Creative Auto mode.

  7. Frame, focus, and shoot.

The settings you choose remain in effect from shot to shot. If you turn the camera off or switch to a different exposure mode, though, the settings return to their defaults.