Update Your Canon EOS 6D Firmware - dummies

Update Your Canon EOS 6D Firmware

By Doug Sahlin

Canon is constantly making changes and updating to make its cameras better. Canon locates any potential problems with firmware based on user input and its own tests, and then takes this information and modifies the camera. Firmware is like the operating system for your computer.

If you’ve registered your camera, Canon notifies you by e-mail when a firmware update is available. You can register your camera online or mail in the card provided with the camera documents. If you mail in the card, make sure you fill in the E-Mail section of the form to be notified of any changes.

When you get the notification, follow the link to the firmware. You can also find out online whether your camera has a firmware update available. Open your favorite web browser and navigate to Canon’s website.

Look at the Firmware section and you’ll see whether any updates are available for your camera. If an update is available, follow the prompts to download the information to your computer. You then transfer the firmware program to an SD (Secure Digital) card to install it on your camera. Canon posts detailed instructions on how to install the firmware on one of the web pages associated with the download.

Make sure you have a fully charged battery in your camera when you update firmware. If the battery exhausts itself during the firmware upgrade, you may permanently damage your camera.