Shooting Settings for a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Series Camera - dummies

Shooting Settings for a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Series Camera

By Julie Adair King

The Shooting Settings screen on Canon EOS Rebel T3 and Canon EOS Rebel T3i cameras displays the most critical photography settings — aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and the like. Note that the display is relevant only to regular still-photography shooting, though. When you switch to Live View mode or Movie mode on your Rebel T3 or T3i, you can choose to see some settings superimposed over your image in the monitor, but the process of adjusting settings and customizing the display is different.


The types of data shown in the Shooting Settings display depend on the exposure mode you select. The figure shows data that’s included when you work in one of the advanced modes. The figure labels two key points of data that are helpful in any mode, though: how many more pictures can fit on your memory card at the current settings and the status of the battery. A “full” battery icon like the one in the figure shows that the battery is fully charged. When the icon appears empty, you better have your spare battery handy if you want to keep shooting.

You use the Shooting Settings display to both view and adjust certain picture-taking settings. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Turning on the Shooting Settings display: The display appears automatically when you turn on the camera. After the display shuts off, you can turn it on again by pressing the shutter button halfway and releasing it or by pressing the Disp button.

  • Turning off the Shooting Settings display: To turn off the display before the automatic shutoff occurs, press the Disp button again. The display also turns off when you press the shutter button halfway, but then reappears as soon as you release the button.

    If you use the Disp button to turn off the display, press the button again to bring the display back to life; pressing the shutter button halfway doesn’t do the trick.

  • Adjusting settings: While the Shooting Settings display is active, you can change some shooting settings by rotating the Main dial alone or by using the dial in combination with one of the camera buttons.