Menu Categories on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III - dummies

Menu Categories on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

By Robert Correll

Part of Canon EOS 5D Mark III For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Canon includes a number of important menus in its 5D Mark III digital camera. You use these menus to set up the camera, as well as to configure and customize it to shoot the way you want it to. Here are the major categories of menus and what they do:

  • Shooting: These five menu pages (Shooting Menu 1 through Shooting Menu 5) are dedicated to shooting settings, including image quality, mirror lockup, ISO speed settings, Auto Lighting Optimizer, and Picture Style. Live View and Movie modes each have their own dedicated Shooting menu.

  • AF: The AF (autorfocus) menu has five pages devoted to listing just about every autofocus option that you would ever want to adjust.

  • Playback: Playback has three pages of menus. You protect, rotate, erase, print, copy, resize, and process images here, set up slide shows, and more!

  • Setup: Setup consists of four pages of menus that have various setup options.

  • Custom Functions: The Custom Functions (advanced options) are grouped together in this menu. They are divided into Exposure, Display/Operation, Others, and Clear categories.

  • My Menu: The 5D Mark III enables you to create your own custom menu containing up to six items from the camera’s other menus. Set it up and use it here.