How to Use Quick Control on the Canon Rebel T5/1200D Camera - dummies

How to Use Quick Control on the Canon Rebel T5/1200D Camera

By Julie Adair King, Robert Correll

The Quick Control screen on the Canon Rebel T5/1200D enables you to change certain settings without using the function buttons (ISO button, Exposure Compensation button, and so on) or menus.

You can use this screen to adjust settings in any exposure mode, but the settings that are accessible depend on the mode you select and, for still photography, whether you’re using the viewfinder or Live View mode.

To take advantage of the Quick Control screen for viewfinder photography, follow these steps:

  1. Display the Shooting Settings screen.

    Either press the shutter button halfway and then release it, or press the Display button.

  2. Press the Q button.


    The screen shifts into Quick Control mode, and one of the options on the screen becomes highlighted. For example, the Auto White Balance (AWB) option is highlighted in figure below.


  3. Use the cross keys to highlight the setting you want to adjust.

    When you first highlight a setting, a text tip appears to remind you of the purpose of the setting. If you find the text tips annoying, you can get rid of them by disabling the Feature Guide option on Setup Menu 2.

  4. Select the option you want to use.

    You can use these techniques:

    • To scroll through the available settings, rotate the Main dial. The current setting appears at the bottom of the screen, as shown in figure above. Note the little wheel icon at the far-right side of the text bar — it’s your reminder to use the Main dial for this function.

    • To display all available settings, press the Set button. When you’re adjusting the White Balance setting and press Set, you see the screen shown in figure below. Highlight the option you want by rotating the Main dial or using the cross keys. In some cases, the screen contains a brief note about the option. When done, press the Set button to return to the Quick Control screen.


  5. To exit Quick Control mode and return to shooting, press the Q button again.

    You also can simply press the shutter button halfway and release it. Either way, you’re returned to the Shooting Settings display.

Displays appear the same in Live View and Movie modes except that the options appear along with the live preview: When you press the Q button, one setting becomes highlighted, as shown on the left in figure below. You can either rotate the Main dial to cycle through the available settings or press Set to view all the possibilities at once, as shown on the right in the figure below.