How to Trigger the Canon EOS 6D Shutter Remotely - dummies

How to Trigger the Canon EOS 6D Shutter Remotely

By Doug Sahlin

You can trigger the Canon EOS 6D shutter remotely using the RC-6 remote controller, which is sold separately. You use the remote controllers in conjunction with the timer. This option is handy when you’re creating still-life photos. Instead of walking between the camera and your subject, you can make subtle changes to the composition and then trigger the camera remotely. To trigger your camera remotely:

  1. Mount the camera on a tripod.

    It works best when it is steady and level.

  2. Switch the lens to manual focus and focus on your subject.

  3. Press the Drive button.

  4. While looking at the LCD panel, rotate the Quick Control dial to select the desired remote mode.

    You can trigger the camera remotely and have it count down from 10 or 2 seconds.


  5. Compose your scene through the viewfinder and then focus on your subject.

  6. Point the remote controller at the camera’s remote sensor and then press the remote’s trigger button.

    The remote sensor is located near the handgrip on the left side of the camera as you look at it.

    The Self-Timer counts down, the shutter actuates, and the picture is taken.