How to Shoot Images in Close-Up Mode on Your Canon EOS 6D - dummies

How to Shoot Images in Close-Up Mode on Your Canon EOS 6D

By Doug Sahlin

If you love nature, or have a wonderful garden, you can use the Close-up SCN mode on your EOS 6D to get close-up images of flowers and other objects. To make them appear life size or larger, you’ll need to use a macro lens. If you don’t own a macro lens, you’ll get your best results using a telephoto lens. To shoot close-up images:

  1. Press the Mode Lock button and then rotate the Mode dial to SCN.

  2. Press the Quick Control button.

    The Quick Control menu for the SCN mode appears and the last used SCN mode is displayed. If you’ve used a SCN mode previously, press Set to display all of the icons.

  3. Use the Multi-controller to select the Close-up mode and then press Set.

    When you photograph in Close-up mode, images are saved in the JPEG format with Large image quality, using the Standard picture ambience, Default setting for lighting, and 2-Second delay for the drive mode. You can change a setting by highlighting it with the Multi-controller dial, pressing Set, and then choosing the desired setting.


  4. Compose the picture and then press the Shutter button halfway to achieve focus.

    When you photograph in Close-up mode, you have a limited depth of field. Make sure your subject is in sharp focus.

  5. Press the Shutter button fully to take the picture.

    When you photograph subjects like flowers, take several pictures and change your vantage point each time. This will give you a variety of images from which you can choose the best one.

When you photograph flowers, choose a plain solid color background that contrasts well with the color of the flower you’re photographing.

When you photograph flowers and other small subjects, use a telephoto lens with a focal length between 80 and 200mm and get as close to your subject as you can and still have it in focus. If you use a zoom telephoto when photographing close-ups, zoom in as close as possible.