How to Register Canon EOS 6D User Settings

By Doug Sahlin

Everybody has a preferred way of working. That’s why you have preferences in computer programs and why you can register user settings to the Canon’s Mode dial. The settings you register are available whenever you select a user setting on the camera Mode dial.

For example, you may have custom settings that you use when you do flash photography, settings you use often but don’t use every day. You can register these settings and they’ll be there, even if you clear all camera settings. To register your favorite settings:

  1. Use the camera menu to choose the settings you use frequently.

    For example, you can specify the image format and size, set up exposure compensation, or set any other settings you use frequently.

  2. Rotate the Mode dial to select your preferred shooting mode.

    For example, you can rotate the dial to Av, if your favorite mode is Aperture Priority. After you select all your favorites, you’re ready to register them.

  3. Modify any other settings you want to register.

    For example, if you’re setting up a custom menu for sports photography, you probably want to register a shutter speed that is fast enough to stop the action of the sport you photograph, and Continuous Drive mode. You might want to register an ISO setting as well.

  4. Press the Menu button.

    The previously used menu displays.

  5. Use the Multi-controller button to navigate to the Camera Settings 4 tab.

  6. Use the Multi-controller or the Quick Control dial to highlight Custom Shooting Mode (C1, C2), and then press the Set button.

    The Custom Shooting Mode menu appears with the Register option highlighted.


  7. Press Set.

    The Register settings menu appears.

  8. Use the Multi-controller or the Quick Control dial to highlight the desired mode dial.

    Your choices are C1 and C2. A dialog box appears, asking whether you want to register your settings to the selected mode dial. If you have registered settings to a mode dial previously, make sure you don’t select that same mode dial or you’ll override the previous settings.


  9. Use the Multi-controller or the Quick Control dial to highlight OK and then press Set.

    Your settings are registered to the selected mode dial.

To erase user settings:

  1. Follow Steps 3–6, select Clear Settings, and then press the Set button.

  2. Select the mode dial you want to clear from the next menu and then press Set.

  3. Use the Multi-controller or Quick Control dial to highlight OK from the Clear Settings menu, and then press Set to complete the task.