How to Reduce Red-Eye on the Canon Rebel T/5 1200D - dummies

How to Reduce Red-Eye on the Canon Rebel T/5 1200D

By Julie Adair King, Robert Correll

Red-Eye isn’t nearly the problem with the type of pop-up flash found on your T5/1200D as it is on non-SLR cameras. Your camera’s flash is positioned above the lens, a position that lessens the chances of red-eye. However, red-eye may still be an issue when you use a lens with a long focal length, you shoot subjects from a distance, or the ambient lighting is very dim.

Red-eye is caused when flash light bounces off a subject’s retinas and is reflected back to the camera lens. Red-eye is a human phenomenon, though; with animals, the reflected light usually glows yellow, white, or green. If you notice red-eye, try enabling Red-Eye Reduction flash.

When you turn on this feature, the Red-Eye Reduction Lamp on the front of the camera lights up when you press the shutter button halfway and focus is achieved. The purpose of this light is to shrink the subject’s pupils, which helps reduce the amount of light that enters the eye and, thus, the chances of that light reflecting and causing red-eye.

The flash itself fires when you press the shutter button the rest of the way. Warn your subjects to wait for the flash, or they may stop posing after they see the light from the Red-Eye Reduction Lamp. You can enable this feature in any exposure mode that permits flash.

The control lives on Shooting Menu 1, as shown in figure below. Note that the camera doesn’t display any symbols in the viewfinder or on the Shooting Settings or Live View displays to remind you that Red-Eye Reduction mode is in force.


After you press the shutter button halfway in Red-Eye Reduction flash mode, a row of vertical bars appears in the bottom of the viewfinder display, replacing the exposure index. The bars quickly turn off from the outside and work their way toward the center.

For best results, wait until all the bars are off to take the picture. The delay gives the subject’s pupils time to constrict in response to the Red-Eye Reduction Lamp. This feature isn’t available in Live View mode; it only works when you use the viewfinder to compose your photos.