How to Play Movies on a Canon Rebel T5/1200D - dummies

How to Play Movies on a Canon Rebel T5/1200D

By Julie Adair King, Robert Correll

To view movies on the Canon Rebel T5/1200D camera monitor, set the camera to Playback mode and then display the movie file in full-frame view. You can spot a movie file by looking for the little movie-camera icon, shown below, in the upper-left corner of the screen.


If you see thumbnails instead of a full movie frame on the screen, use the cross keys to highlight it and then press Set to display the file in the full-frame view. You can’t play movies in thumbnail view.

Use these techniques to start, stop, and control playback:

  • Start playback. Press Set once to display the first frame of your movie plus a slew of control icons, as shown below.


    To start playback, highlight the Play icon or press Set again. The control icons disappear and you then see a progress bar and the elapsed playback time at the top of the screen.

  • Adjust volume. Rotate the Main dial. Note the little white wheel and a volume display bar in the bottom-right corner of the display — it reminds you to use the Main dial to adjust volume. Rotating the dial controls volume only for the camera speaker during on-camera playback, however. If you connect the camera to a TV, control the volume using the TV controls instead.

  • Pause playback. Press the Set button to pause playback and redisplay the movie-control symbols. To resume playback, press Set again.

  • Play in slow motion. Select the slow-motion icon and press Set. Press the right cross key to increase playback speed; press the left cross key to decrease it.

  • Fast forward/fast rewind. Select the Next Frame icon and then hold down the Set button. To rewind, select the Previous Frame icon and hold down the Set button.

  • Go forward/back one frame while paused. Highlight the Next Frame or Previous Frame icon and then press the Set button once. Each time you press the button, you go forward or backward one frame.

  • Skip to the first or last frame of the movie. Highlight the first or last frame icons, respectively, and press Set.

  • Enable Background Music. If you recorded a movie without sound, you can enable the Background Music option to play a sound file. In order to use this feature, you must install the Canon EOS Utility found on the software provided with your camera and then use the program to copy music files to your camera memory card.

  • Edit the movie. Highlight the scissors symbol and press Set. Then follow the instructions to trim frames from the start or end of the movie — the limits of the editing you can do in-camera.

  • Exit playback. Press the Menu button.