How to Enable ISO Speed Noise Reduction on Your Canon EOS 6D

By Doug Sahlin

Canon engineers know that using high ISO settings will increase image noise, so they have added a feature to your camera that applies noise reduction to all images and applies more noise reduction to images captured with a high ISO.

If you do lots of shooting in low light with high ISO settings, you can modify the amount of noise reduction applied to images captured at high ISO settings as follows:

  1. Press the Menu button.

    The previously used menu displays.

  2. Use the Multi-controller button to navigate to the Shooting Settings 4 tab.

  3. Use the Multi-controller or Quick Control dial to highlight High ISO speed NR.


  4. Press Set.

    The High ISO Speed NR options are displayed.

  5. Use the Multi-controller or Quick Control dial to choose one of the following options:

    • Off: Noise reduction is not applied to any image.

    • Low: A low amount of noise reduction is applied to all images.

    • Standard: The default option applies noise reduction to all images.

    • High: Applies a stronger amount of noise reduction to all images.

    • Multi-shot Noise Reduction: This option captures four images and combines them in camera to create a noise free image.

  6. Press Set to apply the change.

Change this setting at your discretion and with however many grains of salt you choose.

If you choose Multi-shot Noise Reduction, your camera will capture four images every time you press the shutter button, regardless of the ISO setting you use, and the combined image will be in the JPEG format. Only use this setting if you’re photographing in low light at an ISO higher than 1600. Due to the fact the camera is combining multiple images, using a tripod will yield the sharpest image.