How to Create Abstract Images on Your Canon EOS 6D - dummies

How to Create Abstract Images on Your Canon EOS 6D

By Doug Sahlin

When you stretch the envelope, you can create some very cool, abstract images with your Canon. An interesting technique to use is controlled motion blur when photographing vertical objects such as tree trunks. If you’re a nature photographer, this technique will spice up your portfolio. To create an abstract image:

  1. Attach the desired lens to the camera.

    Choose a lens with a focal length of 80mm or greater.

  2. Rotate the Mode dial to Av (Aperture Priority).

    You’re using the aperture to control how long the shutter is open.

  3. Press the ISO button and then rotate the Main dial to set the ISO speed to 100.

    You want the shutter to be open for a long time. The lowest ISO setting makes the camera less sensitive to light requiring a longer shutter speed.

  4. Rotate the Main dial to specify the smallest aperture (highest f-stop value) for the lens you’re using.

    This ensures that the shutter will be open for a long time.

  5. Find an interesting subject.

    Closely spaced trees or tall grass are ideal subjects for this technique.

  6. Aim your camera at the base of the subject, and then press the Shutter button halfway.

    The camera achieves focus.

  7. Press the Shutter button fully and slowly move the camera up.

    The shutter opens, and the picture is taken. Depending on the ambient light, your lens may be open for several seconds. When you slowly move the camera up, you create abstract patterns of nature.


  8. Edit your pictures.

    When you edit images in an application like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you can use filters to tweak the images.