How to Choose the Autofocus Mode on Your Canon EOS 6D

By Doug Sahlin

Your Canon EOS 6D focuses automatically on objects that intersect autofocus points. You have three autofocus modes on your camera. One is ideally suited for still objects, and another is ideally suited for objects that are moving. You have yet a third Autofocus mode, which is Chameleon; you use it for still objects that may move. To choose an Autofocus mode:

  1. Press the AF-Drive button on top of your camera and directly in front of the LCD panel.


  2. Rotate the Main dial while viewing the LCD panel to select one of the following autofocus modes:

    • One-Shot: Use this Autofocus mode for objects that don’t move. It’s ideally suited for shooting portraits and landscapes.

    • AI Focus: Use this Autofocus mode for objects that are stationary but may begin to move. The camera locks focus using One-Shot but switches to AI Servo if the subject starts moving. This option is ideally suited for macro photography of objects like flowers on a windy day.


    • AI Servo: Use this autofocus mode for objects in motion. After the camera locks focus on the object, the camera updates the focus as the subject moves. This mode is ideally suited for objects that are moving toward or away from you.


None of the Autofocus modes are effective on fast-moving objects. To capture blur-free shots of objects like these that move toward or away from you, switch the lens to manual focus and then focus on a spot your subject will cross. Press the Shutter button shortly before your subject reaches the point on which you have focused. The amount of time varies, depending on how fast your subject is moving.