How to Adjust the “Shoot by” Settings on the Canon Rebel T5/1200D - dummies

How to Adjust the “Shoot by” Settings on the Canon Rebel T5/1200D

By Julie Adair King, Robert Correll

The “Shoot by” options on the Canon Rebel T5/1200D used together determine your final photo colors and exposure. So being able to preview the possible combinations of settings without having to take a bunch of shots to experiment would be great.

Luckily, you can enjoy that advantage in Live View mode. As you vary the Shoot by Ambience and Shoot by Lighting or Scene Type settings, the Live View display updates to show you how the subject will be rendered.

The following steps explain how to select the “Shoot by” settings in Live View mode. (Remember that you can always preview and select the options and then switch back to viewfinder shooting to take the picture if you prefer.) Canon recommends that you set the Shoot by Lighting or Scene Type option first, so that’s how the steps flow.

The Shoot by Lighting or Scene Type options are available in the Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, and Sports modes only. So to try out the following steps, set the camera to one of those modes and then follow these instructions:

  1. Press the Live View button to shift to Live View mode.


  2. Press the Q button to shift to the Quick Control display.


  3. Select the Shoot by Lighting or Scene Type option, as shown on the left in the figure below.

    The name of the current setting is shown along the side of the screen. Descriptive text appears at the bottom. For example, on the left side of the figure below, the Default (no adjustment) setting is selected and you are reminded that it is a light or scene-based setting.


  4. Rotate the Main dial to cycle through the settings.

    This setting is designed to remove unwanted color casts from a scene. But there’s nothing preventing you from using the option to add a slight cast to the scene if your heart desires. You may like the effect of making your subject look a little warmer or cooler, and again, you can see the results of each setting on the camera monitor.

    What impact any setting has on your subject depends on the actual lighting conditions. In the right image in the figure above, choosing the Daylight option made colors bluer, for example.

  5. Use the cross keys to select the Shoot by Ambience option, labeled in the figure below.


    By default, the Standard setting is used.

  6. Rotate the Main dial to change the Shoot by Ambience setting.

    As soon as you rotate the dial, you see the impact of the newly selected ambience setting on the scene. For example, on the left side of the figure below, the preview shows the result of changing from the Standard setting to the Brighter setting. In addition, the Effect setting becomes available, as seen on the right side of the figure below.


  7. Use the cross keys to select the Effect setting and rotate the Main dial to set the level of the adjustment.

    You then can choose from Low (one notch on the little gauge), Standard or Medium (medium impact, represented by two notches), or Strong (three notches).

You’re now ready to take the picture. Again, you can exit Live View mode if you prefer; the settings you just dialed in stay in force for both Live View and viewfinder shooting until you change them.

If you already know what settings you want to use, you can get the job done more quickly by staying out of Live View mode and just using the Quick Control screen to dial in both options.