Tips for Living with an Indoor Pet Rabbit - dummies

Tips for Living with an Indoor Pet Rabbit

By Connie Isbell, Audrey Pavia

Part of Rabbits For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Rabbits make wonderful indoor companions, and the following tips can help you create a successful and enjoyable living arrangement for you and your furry friend. First tip: If you let your lapine roam free, be prepared to find droppings in odd places before your bunny is litter-box trained.

  • Spay or neuter to help prevent problems with health and behavior.

  • Careful rabbit-proofing minimizes damage to both home and rabbit.

  • Have patience when litter box training.

  • A proper diet is key to good health.

  • Daily exercise makes for a healthy and happy bunny.

  • Frequent grooming keeps down excess fluff in the house.

  • Knowing your rabbit’s normal behavior can help detect illness.

  • Regular cleaning is good for both your home and your bunny.

  • Use playtime as a way to build a trusting relationship.