Protein Amounts in Different Types of Horse Feed - dummies

Protein Amounts in Different Types of Horse Feed

By Audrey Pavia, Kate Gentry-Running

Part of Horse Health & Nutrition For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Protein is an essential part of a horse’s diet, and you want to make sure that your horse gets just the right amount. Horses who don’t get enough protein lose weight and suffer from a lack of energy. Horses who get too much protein may drink a lot of water, may urinate more frequently, may sweat excessively, and may become dehydrated under certain conditions. Use this handy table as a quick reference when you’re selecting feed for your horse.

Hay Type Average Percentage of Protein
Alfalfa Legume 17%
Barley Cereal 9%
Bermuda Grass 10.9%
Bluegrass Grass 10%
Brome Grass 12%
Clover Legume 20%
Coastal Grass 10%
Fescue Grass 11.8%
Oat Cereal 12%
Orchardgrass Grass 8% to 13%
Timothy Grass 8.6%