Handling a Telephone Call from a Prospective Tenant - dummies

Handling a Telephone Call from a Prospective Tenant

By Melanie Bien, Robert S. Griswold

Part of Renting Out Your Property For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

As the first point of contact between yourself and a prospective tenant for a rental property, the initial enquiry over the phone is extremely important. Use these tips to ensure you’re prepared:

  • Have near your phone a pen or pencil, a blank notepad, and all the information on your rental property and the area.

  • Answer the telephone professionally with a business-like greeting (such as ‘Chris Jones, how may I help you?’) within the first three rings.

  • Provide basic information about the rental property while obtaining information about the prospective tenant.

  • Use open-ended questions and try to build up a rapport with the prospective tenant.

  • Ensure the prospective tenant is suitable by outlining your rental selection criteria.

  • If the tenant is suitable, convince him of the benefits of renting your property.

  • Anticipate and be prepared for objections – these are a sign of the prospective tenant’s interest.

  • Convert phone calls to a viewing, because even the best rental properties can’t be rented over the phone.