Using the Gender-Free Spanish Article Lo - dummies

Using the Gender-Free Spanish Article Lo

By Gail Stein

The Spanish article lo (loh) is neuter, meaning it has no gender. So you don’t want to use it to indicate the gender of a subject as you would with its definite and indefinite article counterparts. Here’s how to add it to your Spanish vocabulary.

  • Place lo before an adjective used as a noun to express an abstract idea or quality.

    For example, to express It is normal to sleep at night in Spanish, you’d say Lo normal es dormir de noche.

  • Combine lo + an adjective (or adverb) + que.

    Que (keh) means how. So the Spanish construction of the question Do you see how serious it is? looks like ¿Ves lo serio que es?

  • Position lo after a to indicate a condition.

    This Spanish construction means in the manner of or like in English. So the Spanish version of She talks like crazy is Ella habla a lo loco.