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Spanish Expressions of Home and Hearth

A house is not always a home, but in Spanish, la casa (lah kah-sah) is the word that can describe both a house and a home. The Spanish word el hogar (ehl-oh-gahr) is closest in meaning to “the hearth” in English. El hogar invokes the fire in a shelter where warmth and food are offered. It is a place of warmth during cold days, a place to stay dry during rain and snow, a place of repose when you’re tired, and a place of joy during the many happy events of your life.

The following phrases refer to the hearth and the home:

  • Hogar dulce hogar. (oh-gahr dool-seh oh-gahr) (Home sweet home.)

  • Especialidad de la casa (ehs-peh-seeah-lee-dahd deh lah kah-sah) (specialty of the house)

  • Un error grande como una casa (oon eh-rrohr grahn-deh koh-moh oo-nah kah-sah) (an immense mistake [Literally: A mistake the size of a house])

  • Anda como Pedro por su casa (ahn-dah koh-moh peh-droh pohr soo kah-sah) (acts like he owns the place [Literally: Goes about like Pedro in his house])

  • Mudarse de casa (moo-dahr-seh deh kah-sah) (to move [Literally: To change houses])