Practising Your Spanish ABCs - dummies

Practising Your Spanish ABCs

Part of Spanish For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

To learn a new language you need to develop a foundation of skills and then build upon that foundation. One of the first skills to master is learning the alphabet. Here is the Spanish alphabet, together with the pronunciation of each letter.

a (ah) b (beh) c (theh) d (deh)

e (eh) f (eh-feh) g (Heh) h (ah-cheh)

i (ee) j (Hoh-tah) k (kah) l (eh-leh)

m (eh-meh) n (eh-neh) ñ (eh-nyeh) o (oh)

p (peh) q (koo) r (eh-reh) s (eh-seh)

t (teh) u (oo) v (oo-beh) w (doh-bleh oo-beh) or (oo-beh doh-bleh)

x (eh-kees) y (ee gree-eh-gah) z (theh-tah)