Grocery Shopping at a Spanish Supermarket - dummies

Grocery Shopping at a Spanish Supermarket

When you’re buying groceries at a Spanish supermarket, or supermercado (soo-pehr-mehr-kah-doh), it’s helpful to know some Spanish words and phrases related to shopping.

At a supermercado, you proceed very much as you do in the United States. Prices are clearly posted, and supermarkets may carry foods that you’re more accustomed to.

Following are some words and phrases that may be useful at the supermarket:

  • Al fondo (ahl fohn-doh) (At the back)

  • el arroz (ehl ah-rrohs) (rice)

  • el atún (ehl ah-toon) (tuna)

  • los cereales (lohs seh-reh-ah-lehs) (cereals)

  • el fideo (ehl fee-deh-oh) (pasta)

  • las galletas (lahs gah-yeh-tahs) (cookies or crackers)

  • la leche (lah leh-cheh) (milk)

  • las ollas (lahs oh-yas) (pots)

  • pagar (pah-gahr) (to pay)

  • el pasillo (ehl pah-see-yoh) (aisle)

  • las sardinas (lahs sahr-dee-nahs) (sardines)

  • el tercer pasillo (ehl tehr-sehr pah-see-yoh) (third aisle)

  • el vino (ehl bvee-noh) (wine)

  • el vuelto (ehl bvooehl-toh) (change [as in money back]); la vuelta (lah bvoo-ehl-tah) in Spain

  • Gracias, aquí está su vuelto. (Grah-seeahs ah-kee ehs-tah soo bvooehl-toh) (Thanks, here’s your change.)