ASL: How to Sign about the Sun, Moon, and Stars - dummies

ASL: How to Sign about the Sun, Moon, and Stars

By Adan R. Penilla, II, Angela Lee Taylor

Take a moment, the next time you’re outside, and look up. Do you see the sun, moon, stars? You can communicate their beauty through their American Sign Language (ASL) signs:

  • Sun: Make a flat-O hand shape (first form an O with your fingers and thumb, and then flatten them out so that it looks like a deflated balloon), with your fingertips pointing down. Using your fingertips as a writing utensil, draw a circle in the air, then open your fingers so that your palm is facing the floor.


    Signing and singing together is a great way to introduce signs to your child and to reinforce signs you and your little one have learned or are learning. For example, you can sing a song about the sun and make the sign for SUN each time you sing the word.

  • Moon: Make a C hand shape with one hand at your eye, then move your hand (keeping the C hand shape) up above your head.


  • Stars: Extend your index fingers on both hands and place them side by side, fingertips pointing up. Alternating fingers, move one finger higher than the other several times.