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The Importance of a Healthy Gut

By Scott J. Banks, Joe Kraynak, J. J. Virgin

People generally don’t want to think about the critters living inside of them, feasting on their food and leaving toxic waste behind. The good news is that some of these microorganisms live symbiotically with your body, performing essential biological processes that keep you healthy. The bad news is that some of these microorganisms are parasites — living in you at the expense of your health.

So how do you kill the bad guys without hurting the good guys, when they all live in such close proximity?

The answer lies inside your gut. Numerous factors affect your intestinal tract’s overall health. Being breast‐fed, being born vaginally, and avoiding exposure to antibiotics in prescription medications and in the animal products you consume promote a healthy gut.

However, today, many people are bottle‐fed, born via cesarean section, have taken numerous rounds of prescribed antibiotics, and have eaten animal products of livestock given loads of prescription antibiotics to prevent infection. This sets the stage for parasitic overgrowth by killing off your good bacteria.

Maintaining the healthy and sensitive balance of the ecosystem living inside your gut is the single most important step you take in defeating parasites and warding off a host of other illnesses.