Macrobiotic Principles of Awareness - dummies

Macrobiotic Principles of Awareness

By Verne Varona

Part of Macrobiotics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

By becoming more aware and developing a better understanding of your feelings, you have the chance to change your life into something more meaningful. To develop a personal philosophy that leads to a more creative and fulfilling life, apply the following macrobiotic principles of awareness:

  • Develop a generous spirit: The Principle of Abundance.

  • Embrace responsibility and admit faults.

  • Discover life via personal experience.

  • Develop your intuition.

  • Cultivate active appreciation.

  • Make friends everywhere.

  • Respect your elders.

  • Be mindful of ecology.

  • Practice economy of life: Vivero parvo.

  • Discover humor.

  • Practice self-reflection.

  • Perfect the art of living.