The Importance of Detail in Your Dreams - dummies

The Importance of Detail in Your Dreams

By Penney Peirce

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Be conscious of the details in your dreams. Recording them in your dream diary can trigger insights into what problems your brain is trying to resolve and make the meaning of your dreams more evident.

Look for the following details in your dreams that you may otherwise gloss over:

  • What are the key elements of the dream?

    • How would you describe the dream structure?

    • What were the main scenes and settings in the dream?

    • Was there a sense of time or direction?

    • How was the dream lit?

    • What was your viewpoint?

    • What characters were present?

    • What were the primary images, objects, symbols, or patterns?

    • Did numbers occur in the dream?

  • What are the motivations?

    • What actions were taken, and by whom?

    • What choices or decisions were made, and by whom?

    • What outcomes were reached?

    • At what speed was the action occurring?

    • What statements were made?

    • What was left incomplete?

    • What impressions did you have about the dream while dreaming?

  • What are the feelings?

    • What feelings did you or other characters have?

    • What senses were you using to perceive?

  • How is each part about you?

    • What do you have in common with each symbol and character?

    • How do the emotions, decisions, and actions parallel something in your own life?