Stress Management: Challenge Your Negative Thoughts - dummies

Stress Management: Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

By Allen Elkin

Stress can come from your own thinking errors that can create a rather pessimistic and hopeless view of the future. Arguing with yourself can help you create a new perspective when you are thinking negatively, with a bleak picture that brings much unnecessary stress. Here are some useful challenges and quick questions to ask yourself:

  • “Am I over-reacting here?”

  • “Do I have any real evidence that my predictions will come true?”

  • “Haven’t I been wrong in the past about what I thought would happen?”

  • “Because something happened once or twice, does that mean it will always happen?”

  • “How can I tie my entire self-worth to one bit of failure or disapproval?”

  • “What advice would I give someone else who was thinking the way I am?”

  • “Most of the bad things I’m imagining probably won’t happen.”

  • “Accept uncertainty! There are lots of things in life you can’t control.”

  • “Don’t assume the worst!”

  • “Thoughts aren’t facts! You don’t always have to trust them.”

  • “I can come up with a new game plan to change things. Let me look at this differently.”