How to Keep a Dream Diary - dummies

By Penney Peirce

Part of Dream Dictionary For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A dream diary helps you monitor your dreams and discover themes or how your dreams have become true or insightful. Make the most of your dreams by following these tips for an insightful dream journal:

  • Personalize your diary: It can be neat and tidy, a large sketchbook with no lines, a simple spiral-bound book, or even a computer.

  • Use your diary effectively: Your diary is a record of what’s going on in the hidden dimensions of your life. You can use it for more than just recording dreams:

    • Write about your dream goals and your dream-sabotaging ideas.

    • Examine your sleep pattern and cycles.

    • Collect images from magazines, books, flyers, and so on that trigger dreams and make collages, diagrams, and illustrations with those images.

    • Write or copy inspirational quotes, poetry, and prayers.

    • Write about waking dreams, dream fragments, and single symbols.

    • Write the date of each dream and put a star next to important dreams.

    • Write in the present tense, recording as many details as you can.

    • Document your dream incubation statements.

    • Write about dream images that have carried over from the previous day and what happens in the days after an important dream.

  • Write even if no dreams come: Commit to writing something every day to make your diary more effective. Here are some ideas:

    • Write about your emotional state.

    • Invent a dream character, dream locale, and a dream theme.