How to Buy Essential Aromatherapy Oils - dummies

How to Buy Essential Aromatherapy Oils

By Kathi Keville

Part of Aromatherapy For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To gain the myriad benefits of aromatherapy, you have to buy the essential oils. Your shopping days will be much easier if you follow these simple tips when choosing which essential oils to buy:

  • Buy oils from companies who have an established reputation.

  • Ask: Are they pure? Where do they originate? What are the botanical names?

  • Be on the look out for synthetic essential oils such as carnation, lilac, strawberry, rain, or cucumber. If so, all the oils in that line may be synthetics.

  • Check for purity. Put a drop of essential oil on a piece of paper. It should quickly evaporate, leaving no oily mark (an oily mark indicates it’s cut with vegetable oil).

  • Check for quality. Sniff out fuller and rounder scents. A little should go a long way.

  • Purchase only a small amount of essential oil from a company you haven’t tried before to test their quality.