Practicing Good Weight Training Etiquette - dummies

Practicing Good Weight Training Etiquette

By LaReine Chabut

Part of Weight Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

At the gym, rules of weight training etiquette should be followed by everyone. After you know what’s expected of you, you’ll feel more comfortable. Adopt these rules to ensure good manners when lifting weights:

  • Share the equipment. Don’t take a nap on a machine you’re not using.

  • Keep the grunting to a minimum. A weight room isn’t a public library but neither is it a championship wrestling arena.

  • Return your weights to their designated spot on the rack.

  • Don’t hog the drinking fountain. If the line behind you is longer than a World Series ticket line, don’t fill your entire water bottle.

  • Don’t bring your gym bag into the weight room. Use those large, hollowed-out cubes called lockers.

  • Keep your sweat to yourself. Carry a towel and wipe off any bench or machine that you use.

  • Don’t treat the locker room like your own bathroom. Nobody wants to become personally acquainted with clumps of your hair.