Being a Good Personal Training Client - dummies

Being a Good Personal Training Client

By LaReine Chabut

Part of Weight Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you’re working with a personal trainer, take an active role in your weight-training sessions, aligning your behaviors with a willing participant that trainers can easily work with. Keep these things in mind to ensure you have the best trainer-client relationship possible:

  • Show up on time. Trainers are professional people with busy schedules and bills to pay, so show them some courtesy.

  • Have a good attitude. Your trainer doesn’t want to hear you whine about your boss or your latest speeding ticket.

  • Listen to your trainer. When your trainer advises you to perform 12 repetitions per set, don’t say, “My stockbroker said I should do 40.”

  • Speak up. Don’t be afraid to ask why you pull a bar down to your chest instead of to your belly button.