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The Solution for Toast in a Gluten/Gluten-Free Kitchen

If you’ve ever looked inside a toaster or toaster oven you know that they’re full of crumbs, some of which probably contain gluten if you’re sharing a kitchen with gluten. That means your gluten-free bread has lost its “-free.” which isn’t a good thing if you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance.

The solution is either two appliances — the safest option — or a shared toaster-oven that you keep very clean.

Cleaning a toaster oven is relatively easy — you can remove the racks and wash them, and you have easy access to the crumb tray for cleaning. Keeping a toaster crumb-free on the other hand is nearly impossible — bread crumbs seem to attach themselves to the heating elements and wire frames permanently.

If your shared toaster oven has a convection feature, keep it turned off — otherwise the fan can blow flour and crumbs all over your gluten-free foods.