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Ten Favorite Gluten-Free Product Lists

By Nancy McEachern

Many great new gluten-free products come on the market every month. Unfortunately, many products really aren’t so great — they taste gritty or strange or fall apart in a heap of crumbs. You can find these foods online, at many standard grocery stores, and in natural foods stores.

If your local store doesn’t carry something you like or want to try, check with the customer service desk. They’ll often order foods for you.

Gluten-free breakfast products

For mornings when you need all your food prep done for you, consider stocking some of these popular go-to breakfast items in your pantry or freezer:

  • Bagels: Udi’s Gluten Free, Joan’s GF Great Bakes

  • Bagel thins: O’Doughs original, apple cranberry, sprouted whole-grain flax

  • Bars: Luna protein bars, thinkThin bars, No-Gii bars, That’s It. bars, Zing bars, NOW energy bars

  • Breakfast buns: O’Doughs apple cranberry

  • Cereal: General Mills Chex cereals (currently six flavors are marked gluten-free), Glutino Apple & Cinnamon, Glutino Berry Sensible Beginnings, Glutino Honey Nut Cereal, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten Free cereal

  • Muffins: Udi’s Gluten Free chocolate, blueberry, lemon streusel

  • Muffin tops: Udi’s blueberry oat, chocolate chia (frozen)

  • Frozen waffles, pancakes, and French toast: Van’s Naturals gluten-free waffles, pancakes, French toast sticks; Trader Joe’s gluten-free pancakes

  • Granola: Bakery on Main (they have some oat-free choices), Udi’s Gluten Free

  • Instant oatmeal: Glutenfreeda, Simpli

Gluten-free bread

Ready-to-eat gluten-free bread spans the gamut from gross to amazing. Five years ago, it was pretty much all gross. Now, most of it is somewhere in between. Here are some favorite gluten-free breads:

  • Against the Grain Gourmet: Baguettes, Vermont country rolls, pumpernickel rolls

  • Canyon Bakehouse: Hamburger buns, cinnamon raisin bread, rosemary and thyme focaccia, Colorado caraway bread

  • Food for Life: English muffins

  • Genius by Glutino Gluten-Free: White sandwich bread, multigrain sandwich bread

  • Joan’s GF Great Bakes: Bialys, Joan’s Italian bread

  • O’Doughs: Sprouted whole-grain flax bagel thins, apple cranberry bagel thins, plain bagel thins

  • Rudi’s Gluten-Free: Original bread, multigrain bread, raisin bread, tortillas (all flavors), hot dog rolls, hamburger buns

  • Udi’s Gluten Free: White sandwich bread, whole-grain bread, cinnamon raisin bread, millet-chia bread, hot dog rolls, classic hamburger buns, plain bagels

Gluten-free tortillas

  • Food for Life: Brown rice tortillas

  • Mission: Corn tortillas

  • Rudi’s Gluten-Free Tortillas: Plain, fiesta, spinach

  • Sandwich Petals: Spinach garlic pesto, Chimayo red chile, agave grain

Gluten-free crackers

These are some favorite gluten-free crackers for making snack time simple and satisfying:

  • Blue Diamond Nut Thins: Hint of sea salt, almond, hazelnut, pecan, cheddar cheese, pepper Jack cheese

  • Crunchmaster: Multi-seed crackers, multigrain crackers (all flavors)

  • Glutino: Original bagel chips, sea salt snack crackers, original crackers

  • Polka Dot Bake Shop: Cracked pepper sweet potato crackers

  • Shar: Table crackers

Gluten-free pasta products

Consider using these products for your pasta noodle needs:

  • Amy’s: Rice macaroni and cheese (frozen)

  • Conte’s: Cheese ravioli, spinach/cheese ravioli, stuffed shells (frozen)

  • Glutino: Macaroni and cheese (frozen)

  • Le Veneziane: Corn pasta

  • Pasta Fresh: Five-cheese ravioli, butternut squash ravioli (refrigerated)

  • Tinkyada: Brown rice pasta

Gluten-free frozen pizza

Pizza is practically its own food group in college, isn’t it? These are some favorite gluten-free frozen pizza choices:

  • Against the Grain Gourmet: Three-cheese pizza, pesto pizza

  • Conte’s: Margherita pizza with roasted garlic and olive oil

  • Joan’s GF Great Bakes: Joan’s NY pizza, Joan’s Sicilian pizza

  • Udi’s: Margherita pizza, three-cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza

  • Whole Foods: Gluten-free pizza

Gluten-free soups

Here are a few companies that offer ready-made gluten-free soups:

  • Amy’s Organic

  • Frontier Soups

  • Gluten Free Café

  • Imagine Foods

  • Kettle Cuisine (frozen)

  • Mixes from the Heartland

  • Pacific Natural Foods

  • Thai Kitchen

  • Trader Joe’s

Many Progresso and Wolfgang Puck soups are gluten-free, and grocery stores usually offer a few generic gluten-free soup options.

Convenience foods available without gluten

Here are great gluten-free foods that you can heat and eat fast:

  • Applegate Naturals grilled chicken nuggets

  • Glutenfreeda shredded beef burrito

  • Happy Pho and Thai Kitchen rice noodle meals

  • Glutino or Amy’s rice macaroni and cheese

  • Ian’s mini corn dogs and Hebrew National beef franks

  • Starfish gluten-free frozen fish — crispy battered cod, halibut, and haddock

  • Whole Foods gluten-free calzones — Greek and pepperoni

Gluten-free flour and baking mixes

Some gluten-free flour blends come mixed with xanthan gum, which simulates the glue-like property of wheat flour. These mixes cost a bit more, but xanthan gum is quite expensive by itself, so the inclusive flours are usually worth the price.

Here are some all-time favorite gluten-free flours:

  • Cup-4-Cup (Williams-Sonoma): Flour (with xanthan gum)

  • Jules Gluten Free: All-purpose flour (with xanthan gum)

  • King Arthur: Multi-purpose flour

Here are some great baking mixes:

  • Betty Crocker: Gluten-free chocolate cake mix, yellow cake mix, cookie mix, Bisquick pancake and baking mix

  • Jules Gluten Free: Cookie mix, bread mix, cake mix, pancake and waffle mix, graham cracker/gingerbread mix, cornbread mix

  • King Arthur: Gluten-free muffin mix

  • Kinnikinnick: Kinni-Kwik bread and bun mix

  • Namaste: Spice cake mix, waffle and pancake mix

  • Pamela’s: Individual brownie mix

  • Sof’ella: Gluten-free chocolate cake mix

Gluten-free sweets

To satisfy that sweet tooth, you can try these goodies:

  • Dr. Lucy’s: Cookies, all flavors

  • Enjoy Life: Soft-baked snickerdoodle cookies

  • French Meadow Bakery: Frozen chocolate chip cookie dough

  • Glow Gluten Free: Cookies, all flavors

  • Glutino: Chocolate-covered pretzels, yogurt-covered pretzels

  • Julie’s: Organic ice cream sandwiches

  • Liz Lovely: Gluten-free and vegan cookies, all flavors

  • Pamela’s: Coffee cake and individual cheesecakes

  • WOW Baking: Cookies and brownies, all flavors