Resources for Gluten-Free Living - dummies

By Nancy McEachern

As a student with dietary restrictions, you face extra challenges. Maybe up until now, you’ve relied on your parents to keep your diet free of gluten. Now, however, it’s up to you. Your parents might still be available as a resource, but you also have a lot of other resources available to you.

Magazines and books for gluten-free living

Referencing a guidebook or gluten-free publication can help you quickly figure out which brands and products are gluten-free and which aren’t. Here are some favorites:

Apps for gluten-free living

A growing number of apps are available for smartphones and tablets to help you find gluten-free food and drinks. Just type “gluten-free” in an online app store to find hundreds of options. For some apps, you just type in or scan a product’s barcode to find out whether it’s gluten-free. Other apps list products at your store that are gluten-free.

Here are a couple of favorite gluten-free apps:

  • Is That Gluten Free? by Midlife Crisis Apps

  • Find Me Gluten Free by JATX Tech

Blogs, groups, and forums for gluten-free living

There are lots of great blogs and social media groups you can access to gather information and recipes and connect with others on a gluten-free diet. Here are just a few:

Locators for gluten-free restaurants

Almost any restaurant you visit will have some things you can order gluten-free. But these sites and apps (or sections of them) focus on gluten-free fare, so you can see reviews, maps, and menus that are specifically gluten-free:

  • Urbanspoon: Type in the city. Look to the left under “features” and click on “Gluten-free friendly.”

  • Yelp: Type “gluten free” in the Search for box and your location in the Near box.

  • Find Me Gluten-Free: This app uses your current location to find gluten-free restaurants and stores in your immediate area and links to gluten-free menus.

  • Gluten Free Registry: This website and app is a strictly gluten-free review site that includes maps.

Deal sites for gluten-free living

Utilize gluten-free deal sites to access coupons and offers from manufacturers, retailers, and restaurants. With these sites, you buy a voucher for a product at a discount and then redeem the voucher at a store or online.