Labelling Food for Gluten in Australia and New Zealand - dummies

Labelling Food for Gluten in Australia and New Zealand

By Margaret Clough, Danna Korn

Part of Living Gluten-Free For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australia/New Zealand Edition)

Australian food labelling standards are very strict, as are requirements in New Zealand. Here are some ways in which the presence of gluten is noted on food labels in Australia and New Zealand:

  • All grains containing gluten and any ingredients derived from them must always be listed on food labels.

  • The source of the grain is usually in brackets, but sometimes summary statements are used after the ingredient list, like ‘contains ingredients from wheat’, ‘contains gluten’ or similar.

  • If a product is labelled GLUTEN-FREE, this information overrides the ingredient list, because any problem ingredient has been so highly processed gluten can no longer be detected.

  • Glucose syrup, dextrose and caramel colour are always gluten-free even if derived from wheat, because after processing no gluten can be detected.