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How to Spread Bread the Gluten-Free Way

If you share your kitchen with gluten, you’ll want to master the action of the gob drop — a critical maneuver to avoid contamination with crumbs that are not gluten-free.

Most people dip their knives into a container, scoop out some of the spreadable — a foodstuff (mayonnaise, butter, jelly, peanut butter, and so on) you spread onto another foodstuffs — then spread it onto their bread, cracker, tortilla, or other spreadee. Then they scoop a little more and continue the process.

Each time the knife goes from a gluten-containing spreadee back in the spreadable, gluten crumbs get a free ride into the container, contaminating the entire tub or jar. And you know what they say about one bad apple.

That’s why you need to do the gob drop. But first, toss out all the contaminated tubs and jars you have. Either keep all future tubs and jars gluten-free (by practicing the gob drop faithfully), or buy separate containers, mark them clearly, and don’t ever mix them up.

Here’s how you do the gob drop to keep your spreads gluten-free:

  1. Use a knife to scoop out some of the spreadable.

  2. Flick the spreadable onto the spreadee.

    Admittedly, the gob drop takes practice. Flick too hard, and you miss the spreadee altogether. Don’t flick hard enough, and it won’t come off the knife. In dire situations, you may need a second knife to scrape the spreadable off knife number one.

  3. Use the knife to continue with that process until you have enough of the spreadable on the spreadee.

    You can’t put the knife back into the spreadables if you used it to spread something onto gluten-free bread unless your entire kitchen is gluten-free — you’ll always wonder about the inevitable crumbs.

  4. You may then begin spreading.